Our responsibilities

Passionately caring for people and nature

At TENA, we take sustainability seriously. For us, this means taking responsibility for the impact our business has on communities and the environment in a way that improves quality of life today and contributes to a better tomorrow.

Sustainability isn’t a new idea to us, or our parent company SCA. We have a long tradition of incorporating environmental and social issues into the way we run our business, and reporting this progress through publicly available Sustainability Reports for over 10 years.

We are proud that our efforts have been recognised worldwide. SCA has been included in a number of Sustainability Indexes, for example, the FTSE4Good (London Stock Exchange), Global Challenge Index (Hannover SE), OMX Sustainability Nordic (NasdaqOMX). In addition, SCA is included in the two well known sustainability ranking lists Global100 and World’s Most Ethical Companies.


We work hard to make every day life better, simpler and safer for our customers, suppliers and employees.

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SCA contributes to the economic development of the communities where it operates by creating jobs, improving the economic wellbeing of thousands of families.

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Our Eco-Actions demonstrate our longstanding commitment to help protect our environment.

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