Ask the nurse

Sometimes it’s important to speak to a medical specialist. Our nurses are specially trained in issues around bladder weakness and have answered some of your questions below.

My aunt is completely incontinent, and has a catheter inserted through her stomach. 6 weeks ago the catheter was changed, and since then she now wets everywhere and we are having to use incontinence pads again. There doesn't seem to be any blockage in the tube. What else can we do? Elaine

My daughter suffers from faecal incontinence. It started as a child but became a big problem at secondary school as she would soil herself almost everyday. The Continence Nurse advised that she had to learn to train her bowel and learn to manage the problem. She's now 16 as is still soiling herself. This has a huge impact on her emotionally, and hinders her now she is at college. The only option we have is the 'Continence' Clinic. Is there anything else that we can do? Oksana

My 81 year old mother has advanced dementia and is doubly incontinent. I have been told to buy wipes to clean her bottom and vagina and since doing this she has an increasing number of UTI's. She wears disposable pants by day and night. Please give me some advice as there are so many different views. My main concern is to stop the infections. Adrienne