What would you like to know about caring for someone with incontinence?

Incontinence only affects the very old, doesn’t it?

Find out the truth

Understanding and discussing bladder weakness can be the first step to successfully managing it. So we’ve pulled together some useful information to help you and your loved one get incontinence into perspective and under control. However, if you would like further information or advice, or have additional specific questions relating to bladder weakness, please consult your GP/other health professional.

  • Fact… or fiction?

    There are many myths surrounding incontinence. Take our quick and easy quiz to sort the facts from the fiction.

  • What causes incontinence?

    Loss of mobility… nerve damage… certain medications… discover the many triggers of incontinence.

  • Learn about the different types

    Just as there are many causes, there are also many types of incontinence, including functional, stress and urge incontinence. Help your loved one identify their type.

  • What you can do to help a loved one with incontinence

    From encouraging your loved one to explain how they feel, to keeping an eye on things like fluid intake, and understanding the products and treatments available, there are lots of ways of helping both you and the person you care for, to maintain a good quality of life. 

  • Cost Effective Care

    Did you know that products that provide the maximum care tend to be more cost effective? Find out how.

  • FAQs

    If you have further questions about caring for someone who has incontinence, you may find the answers in our FAQ section.

  • Useful links

    Other sources of information you may find helpful