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  • There are two types of Libero product ranges - nappies and pull-ons

  • There is a Libero product to suit your baby’s needs throughout each early stage of development

Libero Newborn Premature

Libero Newborn Premature

Nappy for babies below 2.5 kg

Libero Comfort Size 3

Libero Comfort 3

Nappy for babies 5-9kg

Libero Comfort Size 4

Libero Comfort 4

Nappy for babies between 7-11 kg

Libero Comfort Size 5

Libero Comfort 5

Nappy for babies between 10-14 kg

Libero Comfort Size 6

Libero Comfort 6

Nappy for babies between 13-20 kg

Libero Comfort Size 7

Libero Comfort 7

Nappy for babies between 16-26 kg

Libero UP&GO Size 5

Libero UP&GO 5

Pull-on nappy designed for babies weighing between 10-14kg

Libero UP&GO Size 6 Front

Libero UP&GO 6

Pull-on nappy designed for babies weighing between 13-20kg

Libero UP&GO Size 7 Front

Libero UP&GO 7

Pull-on nappy designed for babies weighing between 16-26kg

LIBERO Sleep Tight Size 9

Libero SleepTight 9

Pant diaper for children 22-37 kg

LIBERO Sleep Tight Size 10

Libero SleepTight 10

Pant diaper for children 35-60 kg

Libero Newborn Size 1

Libero Newborn 1

Nappy for babies between 2-5 kg

Libero Newborn Size 2

Libero Newborn 2

Nappy for babies between 3-6 kg