Libero Newborn Premature

A nappy specially designed for very small or premature babies below 2.5 kg. Extra soft surface material and pliable fit and leakage barriers to prevent anything from leaking onto the baby's belly and back. Specially shaped to release pressure from the delicate belly button. The change indicator transforms from yellow to blue when it’s time to change the nappy. This helps to keep the baby's skin soft and dry.

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  • Breathable material keeping the baby’s delicate skin dry

  • Soft elastics make the product smoother and softer around the legs and prevent leakage

  • Stretchable sides and waist band. Hugs the baby’s waist softly for a better fit

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Super-absorbent core prevents leakages

All Libero nappies have a super-absorbent core that provides up to 12 hours of dryness. This high absorption capacity, combined with the nappy’s effective leakage barriers, keep the baby’s skin feeling dry.

Approved by Nordic Swan Ecolabel since 2009

We are very proud to have been approved by Nordic Swan Ecolable, the Nordic countries’ official eco label. In order to get the approval high health and environmental demands need to be met. The product’s quality and function are also part of the evaluation. The Nordic Swan examines the environmental impact during the most important parts of a nappies life cycle. At SCA we work with all parts of a Libero nappy life cycle, for instance in our choice of material suppliers, how we produce the nappies and the choice of materials.

Hook-fastening for a comfortable fit

Libero nappies have hook-fastening tabs that are secured to the front of the nappy, which can be opened and closed as many times as necessary to achieve the perfect fit. Whether your baby is sitting or standing, the elastic waistband and the hook-fastening adapt to fit your baby’s movements.

Change indicator

The yellow stripe change indicator on the outer surface, changes colour when the nappy is wet. It supports in knowing when it’s time to change nappy. This helps to keep the baby's skin soft and dry.

Navel care

The nappy is designed to leave some space in the waist area to give room and release pressure from the delicate belly button.

Product facts


Fits weight: 0 to 2.5 kg

Available in packages

24 pcs

Libero Newborn Size 2

Libero Newborn 2

Nappy for babies between 3-6 kg

Libero Newborn Size 1

Libero Newborn 1

Nappy for babies between 2-5 kg

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