Libero SleepTight 9

Made for children weighing 22-37 kg who require additional protection during night. Looks and feels like normal underwear and is barely noticeable underneath pyjamas.

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  • Keeps dry all night thanks to the super-absorbing core

  • Thin and light feeling, just like underwear

  • Discreet design

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Soft and flexible waist for optimum comfort

Libero SleepTight night pants have soft materials and soft elastics all-round the waist for a perfect fit and optimum comfort.

Breathable materials let the skin breathe and keeps the child comfortably dry throughout the night

Libero SleepTight is made of breathable non-woven materials that let humidity out, keeping the child comfortably dry throughout the night.

Tear-away side-seams for easy removal and disposal

Libero SleepTight is as easy to remove and put-on as normal underwear. Alternatively tear open the side seams, and then roll the pant into a bundle for discreet disposal.

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Fits weight: 22 to 37 kg

Available in packages

14 pcs

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