TENA Men Protective Shield

Extra thin, with a unique black design, our most discreet product with Extra Light absorbency control for security against drips and dribbles

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  • Specially engineered for the male anatomy

  • Extra thin discreet fit

  • Secure absorbent core that locks in small leaks

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Unique Odour Control

Helps men stay fresh and prevent unwanted odour


Adhesive fixation strip

Holds the shield in place so it fits securely in mens' own close-fitting underwear


Individually wrapped shields

Discreet to carry around and dispose of


Dermatologically tested

Material that is kind on the skin.

Product facts

Absorption protection

18 cm

Available in packages

14 pcs

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Take the product out of its individual wrapping and unfold.

Use the arrows on the adhesive strip release paper to set the product the right way up. The wider part of the product should always be up.

Peel off the adhesive strip release paper and dispose it.

Secure the product to the inside front of your own underwear using the adhesive strip to attach it. Position the product that best fits your anatomy.
You can re-position the product by simply pulling it off and re-fixing.

Please note that the product is unsuitable for loose fitting boxer shorts.

To dispose of the product simply take it out of your underwear and throw in a bin, do not flush it down the toilet. The individual wrapping can be used to secure the used product before disposal.


  • Introducing the TENA Men Protective Shield

Introducing the TENA Men Protective Shield


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