TENA Soft Wipe

Extra softness and thickness make this handy cloth ideal for elderly skin care in combination with TENA Wash Cream or Wash Mousse for an ultra-soft feeling every day.

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  • Versatile skincare

  • Strong and absorbent

  • Gentle and soft

  • Available in
  • 32x30 cm
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Quick and easy

Packed in a handy box, these disposable wipes are quick and easy to use, ideal for personal hygiene.


Eliminates the risk of cross infection from reusable towels.

One-handed dispensing

Especially designed package allows one-handed dispensing to ensure wipes and gloves are kept fresh and clean while single-wipe dispensing minimises the chance of touching the next product to improve infection control.

Product facts

Available in
  • 32x30 cm

32x30 cm

Available in packages

135 pcs

TENA Shampoo Cap

TENA Shampoo Cap

A gentle shampoo and conditioner in a disposable cap

TENA Wash Cream (pump)

Cleanses, restores, and protects elderly skin

TENA Wash/Cleans Cream Tube Perfume

TENA Wash Cream (tube)

Cleanses, restores, and protects elderly skin


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