SCA and the TENA team work closely with out customers to help them optimise their continence care. Read some of the testimonials which highlight these successful partnerships.

Read about the experiences of our customers

SCA and the TENA team work proactively with our customers to optimise continence care.

In this section you can read about some of the successes we have achieved with our customers in improving the provision of care.

Nottingham University Hospital

SCA supported NUH by helping reduce the overall use of containment products to make it easier for staff and to improve patient care. This resulted in an annual saving of £44,000, a reduction of 80% in the number of products used and underpad usage reduced by 42%

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Southend Hospital

A ward audit conducted at the Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust identified significant areas for improvement. The outcome of the audit resulted in improved best practice continence care, a ward based training plan and substantial annual savings to lower the
total cost of incontinence to the Trust.

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East Lancashire Hospitals

Following a pad audit SCA, the Continence Service and Care Home staff worked together to develop an effective action plan ensuring that a high standard of individualised Continence Care was delivered to the residents. Significant cost benefits were also realised.

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