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Real-life insight

At TENA, we use valuable real-life insights to design products and services that meet needs. We work in partnership with individuals, caregivers and healthcare professionals to deliver high quality solutions that make a real difference.

First-hand experiences of partnership with TENA

Hear what others have to say about their partnership with us and how it not only improves the working environment, but also reduces costs and frees up time for more rewarding care.

Watch the evidence

TENA Case studies

Better teamwork

“TENA has greatly improved our team´s ability to communicate.”

TENA Case studies
44 %

The right products and individualised routines reduced incontinence-related tasks, freeing up 44% more time for rewarding care. [1]

Improved care

“Our partnership with TENA offers real benefits, giving our residents better care.”

TENA Case studies

Shared vision

“One of the most positive aspects of our collaboration with TENA is the sense of sharing goals.”

TENA Case studies


We have a good partnership with TENA, which is a primary reason our incontinence care works so well. TENA visits us regularly and provides training for our staff.

Susanne Birgersson,
Unit Manager, Sweden

A positive influence

“TENA are a real source of inspiration. They have such a positive attitude and that inspires our staff.”

TENA Case studies


"Working with TENA has brought us a lot of new ideas in all aspects of care for the elderly."

TENA Case studies
47 %

Innovative absorbent products and 3-in-1 skincare products improve user comfort and reduce skin problems up to 47%. [2]

Proven benefits

We help you to find and implement the right solution for your care environment, supporting sustained improvements in your workplace.

TENA Case studies

Improved quality of care

A nursing home in the Netherlands introduced a non-rinse daily washing routine using TENA Wet Wash Gloves. This made a major improvement in care quality for both residents and caregivers. Read more about the TENA Wet Wash Glove and discover all the unique benefits of using TENA products.

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TENA Wet wash glove

TENA for nursing homes

TENA for nursing homes

Our products meet the needs of your residents and your staff, offering the best possible quality of care.

TENA for pharmacies

TENA for pharmacies

We offer a range of products and support to help you meet the needs of your customers, and grow your business.

TENA for Healthcare providers

TENA for healthcare providers

At TENA, we offer tailored support and guidance to ensure you can prescribe with confidence for individuals in your care, every time.

TENA helped to reduce leakage problems

The care home in Calgary, Canada had taken the decision to move to a non-TENA supplier, based solely on what they perceived to be a better price offer. But the switch had an undesired cost, as well as the unwanted odour of urine. There had been no odour when the care home previously used TENA products. The management reconsidered the change of supplier and invited TENA back to reintroduce a resident-centred approach.

TENA Case studies


  • Leakage was a concern

  • Staff spent a lot of time changing protection primarily as a result of leakages and the poor fit of the competitors’ incontinence products

  • Excessive leakages resulted in extra laundry

  • Skin care was not effective and a vast array of care products were being used

Recommended changes

  • Individualised product selection and toileting programmes when applicable 

  • Re-training of staff in best practice routines. Changing times for night products were altered from 7.00 p.m. to the period between 10.00 p.m. and midnight – requiring teamwork from the evening and night staff.

  • Leakage monitoring for a two-week period for all three shifts

  • To understand the effect of leakages on labour hours, both product changes and bed strips were timed and recorded

  • Introduction of TENA skincare and cleansing products (TENA Wash Cream and TENA Scampoo & Shower)

  • Management played an instrumental role in supporting the staff with these change requirements

 By implementing best practice continence, personal hygiene care routines and individualised product selection, the care home achieved:

Key benefits

  • Increased staff and resident satisfaction

  • Enhanced relationship with the families 

  • Substantially reduced leakages

  • Improved overall incontinence budget

  • Reduced labour hours spent on unnecessary incontinence-related tasks, freeing up more time for quality resident-centred care

  • Improved significantly skin health for residents with severe skin conditions

  • Reduced number of skincare products. On average at least five skincare products were removed from the resident’s rooms with their consent.

93% of staff responded by saying that they felt TENA products allowed them to spend more quality time with their residents.

Care home, Calgary, Canada


1SCA data on file: All statistics are based on average percentages from between 85-181 TENA Solutions’ case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also the USA, Canada and China. Results vary across countries and care homes depending on the circumstances in each care home prior to implementation of TS. 2011-13. 
2SCA Data on file: Average percentage based on 181 TENA Solutions’ case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also the USA, Canada and China. Results vary across countries and care homes depending on each care home´s own circumstances prior to implementation of TS. 2011-13. Incontinence management-related costs measured in TENA Solutions are product consumption, skincare, laundry and waste costs.