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How to avoid sore skin due to urine leaks

Excess moisture can cause skin irritations, but bladder weakness doesn’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand with sore skin and rashes. TENA Lady products use a technology that securely locks away urine at the core of the pad or liner, leaving the surface dry and fresh. In addition, if you have sensitive skin you might want to use gentler cleansing and care products to keep irritation to a minimum.
How to avoid skin irritation when the bladder is weakened:
  • Avoid harsh soaps. Instead, use a no-rinse product to gently clean, restore and protect delicate skin. 
  • Use skin-friendly incontinence products made of breathable material to avoid getting a rash from wearing incontinence pads.
  • Talk to your doctor. Bladder weakness can be treated and your physician can give you practical advice or refer you to a specialist. 

Our skin care products

The TENA skin care assortment that gently cleans and moisturises without soap.

TENA woman product range

Strengthen the pelvic floor

A few minutes of Kegel exercises every day can make the leaks go away.

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Prepare yourself

Tips about what to ask your doctor.

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