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TENA Lady Pants – Looks Like Underwear. Feels like cotton.

TENA Lady Pants – Looks Like Underwear. Feels like cotton.

Just because your bladder is changing doesn’t mean you have to. Introducing TENA Lady Pants, it looks like underwear, feels like cotton, and still gives you the same Triple Protection.

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Improved TENA Lady Night range – with sleep easy design

For a good night’s sleep

The TENA Lady Night range provides the additional support that individuals require at night-time. With Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, plus a new feminine design, women can stay dry, secure and confident all night long.

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TENA Lady with Triple Protection

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New TENA Lady Discreet

Thanks to microPROTEX™ technology, TENA Lady Discreet is now 20% thinner and just as secure.
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Never be afraid to laugh

The new TENA Lady campaign celebrates the freedom to laugh
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TENA - Designed to disappear Lady

Millions of women occasionally have a weak bladder and want to deal with it subtly and delicately. TENA Lady products are more absorbent than regular liners and pads but are just as small and discreet.

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TENA Lady Extra Plus with InstaDRY™
For all you are.

Life is full of opportunities. And all of them seem possible when you feel just right.

Whether you’re feeling saintly or mischievous, comfortably mumsy or comically childish, with TENA Lady Liners, light bladder weakness won’t stop you.

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Our latest innovation:
body adaption

Our improved pads are designed to follow your movements and prevent leaks.

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