Our latest innovation:
body adaption

The new Body Shaped DRYZone from TENA Lady Extra and Normal is specifically shaped to offer superior absorption to prevent leaks. A perfect fit and TENA's trusted protection allows you to be just as active as you want to be.


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Perfect fit

 The pad is shaped to fit the body to offer superior absorption and prevent leaks.



                         It looks smaller and thinner.


Dry with fresh odour control

 The new and visual DryZone of the pad has superior absorption, and is coupled with TENA Fresh Odour Control™ technology to control unwanted odour.



                         It looks more absorbent. 

Pliable soft edges

 The smooth material of the side elastics enable the pad to follow your movement and prevent leaks. 



                         The sides are more elastic so
                             it's even better to wear. 

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