TENA Lady Pants - Discreet and secure to fit your everyday life!

Millions of women occasionally have a bladder leakage and want to deal with it subtly and delicately.

TENA Lady Pants are designed so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle with confidence and security. Apart from being a highly absorbent pant, it has a feminine design with a low waist and soft, stretchy feel. Just like the underwear you are used to.

Feels and looks like your everyday underwear

  • Thin and flexible body-hugging design for discretion and fit
  • Cotton soft for breathable comfort
  • Highly absorbent pad for high leakage security


      All TENA Lady Pants have FRESH ODOUR CONTROL™ – active microfresh pearls that neutralize odour for your discretion.


Choose the right one!

TENA Lady Pants new packaging

TENA Lady Pants are available in your size for the perfect fit with a choice of three levels of protection. Learn more, please click any of the links below.

TENA Lady Pants Discreet
NEW! TENA Lady Pants Night