Talking Urine Leakage with Phil Tufnell

As part of their cricket partnership with Durham CCC, TENA Men teamed up with former England bowler and now TV star, Phil Tufnell to boost awareness of urine leakage. Even though he isn’t affected by the condition, Tuffers was keen to talk about how it can impact men when we batted our questions to him, but also what to do if you’re worried about getting caught short at the crease.

Phil Tufnell At Durham CCC

Talking about urine leakage can be challenging, so we also talked to England rugby star Lewis Moody about tackling urine leakage taboo's to End Bladder Shame.

Tuffers on… Awareness of urine leakage

I’ve always been aware of the issue, but not necessarily regarding men as it’s something I used to think was very much a female issue. I also had no idea about the amount of people it affected. It’s not something as a fella that you particularly think about when you’re growing up, but you’re aware of it.  

I haven’t got any friends who have urine leakage. However, it may be the case that actually I do have friends that experience this problem, and I just simply don’t know because they don’t feel comfortable talking about it, so are suffering in silence.

Tuffers on… Men identifying and tackling the issue

I would say that men think drips and dribbles are simply a sign of getting older and wouldn’t think they have anything to do with a bigger issue.

I think they may have more of an issue admitting that they have urine leakage than women. I mean men don’t even like going to the doctors and talking about personal issues

Tuffers on… Playing sport with urine leakage

I definitely think it would be something that would stop friends playing sport as they’d have to plan their day around this issue. A cricket match can last up to five or six hours and sometimes you can be there longer and even a game of golf lasts a similar time. 
Perhaps there are no facilities available or anything nearby – when you’re on a golf course you’re in the middle of nowhere. So yes, I imagine it would impact them as they wouldn’t want to put themselves in a position where they could be caught short so would rather just not take part, and we can’t be having that.

Tuffers on… Dressing room culture

I think dressing rooms have become more accepting of conditions like urine leakage. Times have changed; there is more awareness about common health issues like this, so a lot of the stigmas have been broken down a little bit by now.

Tuffers on… Getting caught short at the stumps

You are allowed to leave the game to go to the bathroom, but you tend to go to the loo beforehand and use the bathroom in the lunch and tea break, so you can get yourself into a rhythm. 

How can you avoid a sticky wicket?

Phil’s advice to get into the practice of regularly defined loo trips of course extends to men who have urine leakage. Even then though, we understand that leakage can happen at the least convenient time, but not to worry! 
Whether you’re out walloping a ball for six or driving one off the tee as Phil discussed, TENA can help you with products which are absorbent and will stand up to leakage effectively. Just don a protector or a pair of specially designed pants and you can worry about the important things like nailing your favourite sport! There should be nothing to stop you wearing those whites…

Did you know

One in four men between 40 years and over experience lower urinary tract symptoms.

Illustration of four men with one shaded a lighter blue one in four