Care Homes

We understand that each care home is unique. Our Services are personally tailored to support your care home’s individual needs.

TENA Services for care homes

Sharing your goals for better care

At TENA, we understand that each situation and individual is unique and for us, individualised care is key. This means providing products and care routines that are tailored for each resident, as well as your work environment. By partnering with you, we support you in delivering rewarding continence care that improves your residents’ quality of life, and the efficiency of your care home.

Starting your journey

Our team of advisors includes highly experienced nurses and continence specialists work alongside you to help implement efficient and effective solutions. We partner with you to tailor your product assortment to meet the needs of your individual residents, ensuring that waste is reduced and your residents are always receiving optimum comfort and fit. We offer in-person training for your staff on product usage and best-practice care routines, both improving your budget and freeing up your staff’s time for more rewarding care.

Continued support

It’s essential that our solutions successfully meet your goals. We provide a range of evaluation tools to help you see the difference that our products and services are making to your nursing home. By measuring both quantitative achievements such as reduced product consumption and waste, as well as qualitative improvements in your residents’ skin health and comfort or your staff’s satisfaction, we support you in sustaining positive changes in your nursing home.