TENA products have now been awarded the trusted Nordic Swan ecolabel.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, and one of the toughest environmental certifications in the world. It sets strict environmental requirements in each phase of a product’s life cycle, and verifies that all requirements are met before a product is approved.

By qualifying for this certification, we’ve taken another important step in our journey toward greater sustainability. With the iconic Nordic Swan logo now a feature of selected TENA products, you can be even more certain you’ve made the choice that leaves a better mark on the planet.

A bird’s eye view of a coniferous forest, with a path running through it. Superimposed over the image is the green and white Nordic Swan logo, depicting a swan in flight.

TENA now proudly fulfills the Nordic Swan criteria.*

The purpose of Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to promote the development of products that are environmentally sound, and to enable consumers to choose the most environmentally friendly goods and services. It follows the ISO 14024 standard, and establishes strict criteria for absorbent products:

  • Use of trusted substances only
  • Production requirements on certain materials, for instance pulp
  • Product composition and packaging
  • Product function matching market standards

* For absorbent products. Selected products only. See range below.

The TENA Nordic Swan Ecolabel range at a glance

The TENA ProSkin range is specifically designed to protect and prevent elderly, fragile skin from being affected by . TENA ProSkin absorbent products keep the skin dry, while cleansing products and creams ensure the skin is clean and protected to maintain natural skin health.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification of TENA products is an ongoing process, and we are working, step by step, to certify as much of our assortment as possible.

TENA Nordic Swan Ecolabel range
Product name Article number Licence number
TENA Pants Plus XXS, 4x14p 792214 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Plus XS, 4x14p 792314 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Plus Small, 4x14p 792464 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Plus M, 4x14p 792564 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Plus Large, 4x14p 792664 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Plus XL, 4x12p 792762 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Super Small, 4x12p 793462 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Super M, 4x12p 793562 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Super L 4x12p 793662 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Super XL 4x12p 793762 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Maxi M 4x10p 794560 30230023/30230038
Tena Pants Maxi Large 4x10p 794660 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Maxi XL, 4x10p 794760 30230023/30230038
TENA Pants Normal S 4x15p 791465 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants Normal M 4x18p 791568 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants Normal L 4x18p 791668 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants PlusClassic M 8x14p 782531 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants PlusClassic L 8x10p 782618 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants Extra M 8x14p 792537 30230023/30230032
TENA Pants Extra, Large 8x10p 792611 30230023/30230032
TENA Slip Plus Small 3x30p 712130 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Plus Medium 3x30p 712230 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Plus Large 3x30p 710732 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Super Small 3x30p 711930 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Super Medium 3x28p 711928 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Super Large 3x28p 711431 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Maxi Small 3x24p 712030 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Maxi Medium 3x24p 711824 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Maxi Large 3x22p 711022 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Ultima Medium 3x21p 710522 30230023/30230069
TENA Slip Ultima Large 3x21p 710623 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Normal M 3x34p 722360 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Normal L 3x34p 722393 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Plus S 3x30p 720514 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Plus M 3x30p 720516 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Plus L 3x30p 720518 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Plus XL 3x30p 720519 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Super S 3x30p 724900 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Super M 3x30p 724910 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Super L 3x30p 724930 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Super XL 3x30p 724940 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Maxi S 3x22p  725228 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Maxi M 3x22p 725229 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Maxi L 3x22p  725230 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Maxi XL 3x22p  725231 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Ultima S 3x20p 725130 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Ultima M 3x20p 725220 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Ultima L 3x20p 725320 30230023/30230069
TENA Flex Ultima XL 3x20p 725400 30230023/30230069
TENA Comfort Normal, 3x42p 759000 30230023
TENA Comfort Plus, 2x46p 759005 30230023
TENA Comfort Extra, 2x40p 759002 30230023
TENA Comfort Super, 2x36p 759003 30230023
TENA Comfort Maxi, 2x28p 759004 30230023
TENA MEN Light Level 1, 8x12p 750661 30230023/30230037
TENA MEN Medium Level 2, 6x10p 750796 30230023/30230037
TENA Men Super Level 3, 6x8p 750856 30230023/30230037
TENA Barrier Cream, 150 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Barrier Cream, 50 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Skin Care Oil, 250 ml bottle + flip top 20900244
TENA Skin Cream (Perfume), 150 ml tube
TENA Skin Cream (Perfume-free), 150 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Skin Lotion, 250 ml bottle + flip top
TENA Skin Lotion, 500 ml bottle + pump
TENA Wash Cream (Perfume), 1000 ml bottle + pump
TENA Wash Cream (Perfume), 150 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Wash Cream (Perfume), 250 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Wash Cream (Perfume), 500 ml bottle + pump
TENA Wash Cream (Perfume-free), 1000 ml bottle + pump
TENA Zinc Cream, 100 ml tube – flip cap
TENA Zinc Cream, 50 ml tube + flip cap
TENA Shampoo & Shower, 500 ml bottle + pump

TENA is committed to making a better mark – for people, and for the planet.

Environmental certifications on our products is one of many initiatives in our ambitious TENA Protects program. Since 2008 we’ve been taking steps to make every TENA product more sustainable, starting with our life cycle assessments, which are done in accordance with the ISO 14040-series standards. Thanks to insights gained from our LCA work, we've reduced the carbon footprint of our products by 11 - 33% depending on assortment, and we're on track to meet or exceed our goal of 50% in Europe by 2030.

Achieving Nordic Swan certification – how TENA got there

Prior to consideration for the Nordic Swan ecolabel, TENA products already satisfied most of the criteria, so certification was a natural step. Nordic Swan evaluates the environmental impact of a product in key phases of its life cycle; at TENA we work even broader, and have been analysing the full life cycle and impact of our products for decades. To qualify for certification, we took the additional measures of securing the share of renewable raw materials, increasing the share of recycled pack material, and ensuring the usage of Nordic Swan approved pulp. Naturally, TENA products still have the same leading function, efficiency, and safety as before.

How to best evaluate the sustainability of an incontinence product

Looking at ecolabels is a good place to start, however, this should always be combined with an evaluation of the brand’s overall sustainability efforts. An in-depth evaluation of the environmental performance of a product can be obtained from a life cycle assessment according to the international standards ISO 14040-44. TENA has published these results in third-party-certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which show, among other things, the carbon footprint for the selected TENA products. As of 2017, the EPDs for most TENA products can be found at the website of the International EPD® System

TENA products are now more transparent than ever. See a break-down of our products’ ingredients, and learn more about how we reduce our carbon footprint in each stage of the life cycle.

ISO standards and what they govern

ISO 15621
Correct product choice usage is crucial for sustainability, reducing leakage, waste, and workload, as well as improving user well-being. To help our customers get this right, TENA has developed holistic solutions in accordance with ISO 15621. To learn more about the proven results our approach delivers, read about our integrated offering TENA Solutions and our digital solution TENA Identifi™.

ISO 14040 series
The ISO 14040 series of international standards describe the requirements, principles, and framework for life cycle assessment (LCA), including scope, goals, impact assessment, reporting, and critical review. TENA systematically assesses the impact of all products in accordance with these standards.

ISO 14025
This ISO standard establishes the principles, and specifies the procedures, for developing environmental declarations. Environmental Product Declarations for TENA products are independently verified according to this standard.