Three Classic Pelvic Floor Exercises

Once you’ve successfully managed to find your pelvic floor muscles , you may be asking yourself; what next? Well, it’s now time to start exercising those muscles to help them become stronger! 

We are going to run through three classic that will help your grow and develop – so grab yourself a chair or yoga ball and let’s get started! 


Big Squeezes

First of all we’re going to practise big squeezes and how to properly let go. The motion of tensing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles is extremely helpful when trying to strengthen them; just like you would lift and lower weights in the gym to build up muscle. 
When you’re doing these big squeezes, you need to tighten your back passage and lift up round the front (like you’re stopping a wee) at the same time. Then, try the best squeeze you can do and let go. You can then repeat this up to 10 times, or until you feel tired and like your muscles have really been activated and exercised.
Working on letting go of your pelvic floor muscles

Strangely, one of the things some people have to work on is letting go. So once you’ve managed to achieve your big squeeze and hold, you may find it a bit tricky to relax your muscles. 
If you find yourself in this position; don’t rush letting go – give it more time and maybe also practise when you have an empty bladder so you can trust yourself a bit more. 

The Knack

Now, you may have done your on and off squeezes beautifully, but haven’t thought about when to use them, and this is where “the knack” comes in handy! The knack is essentially learning to purposefully hold your pelvic floor muscles when you experience pressure on the bladder; be it from a cough, sneeze or jump.
Make a habit of it

“But how will I remember to squeeze before I cough or sneeze?”
Well, just as you weren’t born putting your hand to your mouth when you cough or sneeze, you can very quickly create a habit of it with enough practice, and over time it will just become an automatic reaction!

Slow holds – being able to hold your pelvic floor muscles and breathe

Finally it’s time to explore how to hold your pelvic floor muscles while also breathing – this is great for those situations where you may have a delay before getting yourself to a toilet. 
In order to tighten the pelvic floor and breathe at same time, your ideal goal should be managing to hold your muscles for 10 complete breaths – even though you probably won’t be able to achieve this the first time you try, it does get easier with lots of repetition and practice! 
Your pelvic floor journey doesn’t stop here! Check out our other pages, filled with plenty more information and videos regarding anything and everything you need to know about pelvic floor exercises.