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Real women, real talk

Leaks happen, c’est la vie. In fact, 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage, so let’s talk about it. After all a problem shared is a problem halved. To get the conversation rolling, lights by TENA asked real women what they had to say.

Lights v’s ordinary liners

‘It gives you confidence having a lights by TENA liner in.’ /Charlie

Real women, real talk. Charlie talks about how the discreet and secure protection of lights by TENA gives her confidence to manage her light bladder weakness.

Leaks happen, c’est la vie

‘I laugh about it to my friends. You’ve got to just laugh about it.’  /Emma 

Real women, real talk. Emma talks about how you need to speak with your friends and laugh about your light bladder weakness - it’s a common issue, it shouldn’t be taboo.

Oooops moments

‘Every time I’m laughing with the girls, I just know I’m at risk.’ /Anushka 

Real women, real talk; Anushka talks about how laughing with her friends could be an ooops moment for her. We say use lights by TENA and bring on the laughing!

Being a new mum

‘I wasn’t prepared and it started for me during pregnancy’ /Kate 

Real women, real talk; Kate talks about her experience as a new mum and how she wasn’t prepared for all the changes in her body.

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