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TENA Lady Mini Wings

TENA Lady Mini Wings with DRYZone gives TRIPLE PROTECTION from leaks, odour and moisture. The same size as a small sanitary towel and designed for light bladder weakness. The DRYZone provides quick and discreet protection, giving the individual security, comfort and dryness. TENA Lady Mini Wings remains dry even under pressure.

  • Quick and discreet protection thanks to DRYZone
  • Fresh Odour Control helps prevent unwanted odour
  • Dermatologically tested

Quick and discreet protection thanks to DRYZone

TENA Lady Mini is carefully designed to provide effective leakage protection. The DRYZone draws moisture away quickly and efficiently, locking it deep inside the layers for increased security. TENA Lady gives the individual peace of mind and confidence.

Fresh Odour Control helps prevent unwanted odour

TENA Lady pads have Fresh Odour Control. This unique micro-fresh pearl design reduces the growth of ammonia producing bacteria, which in turn reduces odour. This product offers discretion while providing comfort and dignity.

Dermatologically tested

All materials in the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and kind to the skin.

Extra gentle and dry Silky Soft Surface against the skin

Silky Soft Surface is designed with a smooth, gentle textile-like surface that instantly whisks away any moisture, leaving the individual dry and promoting good skin health.

TENA Lady is body-shaped for discretion and comfort

TENA Lady not only offers protection, but comfort and discretion as well. The TENA Lady pads are body shaped, designed so that the individual feels at ease wearing protection.

Individually wrapped

Every TENA Lady pad is individually wrapped which means that they can be carried discretely and conveniently disposed of.

Soft textile breathable outer material helps maintain healthy skin

TENA Lady has soft, breathable outer material that allows air to circulate and promotes healthy skin. The product's breathability improves user comfort and keeps the individual feeling dry and fresh.

Product facts


Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 18 Pieces
  • Transport unit: 4 Packs
  • Pallet pack: 264 Cases

Product specification

Product Article Number Colour Absorbency Value Pieces Pcs/Case
TENA Lady Mini Wings 762201 Green
18 72