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Improved TENA Lady Night range - with sleep easy design

With Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, plus a new feminine design, women can stay dry, secure and confident all night long.

Improved TENA Lady Night range – with sleep easy design

  • Including TENA Lady Mini and Maxi Night pads and TENA Lady Pants Night
  • Specifically designed with Triple Protection and innovative features for night-time
  • Helps women stay dry, secure and confident throughout the night


TENA Lady Night range – helping women sleep easy

Individuals have different needs at night-time

1 in 2 women who use incontinence protection in the day are also using some form of protection at night[1]. However, 84% are using the same product at night as they do in the day[1].

Unsuitable protection can lead to:

  • avoidable leaks
  • unnecessary changes
  • disturbed sleep

Some of your customers may be embarrassed to ask for help or be unaware that night-time products are available.

Benefitting your customers and your business

  • A wide night-time range to meet more customers’ needs
  • Over 2/3 of users found TENA Lady Maxi Night better than their current solution [2]

  • Consumer websites, TV and print advertising encourage awareness and drive customers to your business

TENA Lady Maxi Night

Specifically designed for night-time protection

TENA Lady Maxi

Designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness with InstaD…

A range to meet every need

TENA Lady Mini Night & Maxi Night are designed for women with light or heavy bladder weakness: 

  1. NEW Feminine print design reinforces dryness and absorption area.
  2. Extra gentle and dry Silky Soft Surface wicks moisture away from the skin for optimum dryness and skin health.
  3. Lie down Protection with extra length and width at the back for superior leakage security.
  4. NEW soft side bodyshaped elastics for a close fit that follows natural movements.
  5. Fresh Odour Control with micro-fresh pearls to reduce the development of odour.

Image of TENA Lady Mini Night or Maxi Night product.

TENA mini night

TENA Lady Pants Night are designed for women with moderate to heavy bladder weakness: 

  1. NEW contemporary back indication design.
  2. High waist for increaded security and comfort.
  3. NEW soft and breathable textile-like fabric.
  4. NEW integrated leakage barriers for optimum security.
  5. Super Absorption Zone for optimal dryness.
  6. Fresh Odour control with micro-fresh pearls to reduce the development of odour.

TENA Lady Pants Night



1Study comparing TENA Lady Night and other brands (including Poise, Depend, Always, other retail brands), involving 633 women aged 45+ who suffer from bladder weakness. TNS Quantitative Study. FR, DE, US. 2014.
2Concept Use Test Luna, Cataliz. FR, DE. December 2008.