Incontinence pads for women

Feel confident and comfortable with TENA Women’s Incontinence Pads

Discover TENA´s range of female incontinence pads, designed for small to large  leaks (and everything in between). Whether you're looking for pads for light bladder weakness or heavier forms of incontinence, you can choose from the specially designed products below.

The pads are for daily  use, whether you're at home, working, visiting relatives or out and about. They're discreet and comfortable, with a soft-top layer that locks away moisture to keep you dry. So, you can enjoy your day – sitting, standing, walking or running – worry-free about leaks or odours in any situation. And with a variety of fits and absorbencies, you can find the perfect pad for your needs – including a secure night’s sleep.

Our female incontinence pads  are perfect for those unpredictable urine leaks when exercising, laughing, or just going about your everyday life. Browse our women’s range below and click through to learn how to order them to your home.

Wearing bladder weakness pads  isn’t the only way to help. We have lots of advice about actions you can take on-site, too. For example: stop incontinence whilst giggling and keep on running; defy bladder weakness.

A woman changing a TENA Discreet incontinence pad

TENA Comfort Mini Plus

Designed for light to medium urine leakage


Colour Code

TENA Comfort Mini Extra

Designed for medium urine leakage


Colour Code

TENA Discreet Normal | Incontinence pad

Discreet and secure pad for for medium bladder weakness


TENA Discreet Extra | Incontinence pad

Secure incontinence pad for medium, unexpected urine leaks.