World Continence Week 2023

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A smiling female professional caregiver talks with an elderly female resident in a nursing home environment

Every year, World Continence Week raises awareness of incontinence around the globe. This year’s event takes place the third week of June. At TENA, we are also dedicated to raising awareness around incontinence and highlighting the importance of good continence care. This is why we support World Continence Week and welcome the opportunity to get people talking. After all, good continence care benefits everyone. 

With TENA products and TENA SmartCare™ digital solutions, we want to help people living with incontinence and support those who care for them. We also want to help people understand the full value of good continence care – whether it’s improving resident wellbeing, maintaining skin health, reducing staff workloads or ensuring the most effective use of time and resources. 

When it comes to continence care, we know how valuable the right support can be. If you are a professional caregiver, pharmacist or purchaser, we have all the help and support you need.

We support person-centred care

We want to help you deliver the most effective person-centred care possible – for the benefit of your residents, staff and nursing home. TENA Solutions is a unique assortment of TENA products, tools, training and support plus TENA SmartCare™ digital solutions. Give your residents the care they deserve, your staff the support they need, and create the greatest value for your nursing home.

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We support skin health

When it comes to maintaining skin health, dryness is everything. Using decades of experience, expertise and dedicated research into the positive effects of dryness, we have created a complete range of TENA ProSkin products and best-practice skin health routines – all designed to improve resident comfort and wellbeing, support professional caregivers by reducing workloads and stress, and help nursing homes cut product consumption and avoid skin health treatment costs.

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We support professional caregivers

Caring for people is rewarding. But it is also demanding and takes time, energy and patience. We understand the pressure professional caregivers are under and want to help. TENA digital tools and care guidelines are specially designed to help professional caregivers deliver better, more effective continence care. By optimizing care routines, we can reduce unnecessary workloads and stress that can lead to sick days and a lack of job satisfaction. With TENA tools and guidelines, you can support and take better care of your staff, giving them the time and energy to care for others. Find out how TENA can support you.

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"With individually suited products, digital tools and guidelines, we can support professional caregivers and help them deliver high-quality continence care."

Josefine Grandin, Global Brand Innovation Manager at TENA,

We support smarter care

We are dedicated to developing smart new solutions that improve the lives of people with incontinence and support those who care for them. TENA SmartCare™ digital solutions help professional caregivers assess, understand and meet the individual needs of each resident. TENA SmartCare Identifi™ helps carry out accurate continence assessments, while TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ helps you know when products should be changed. When it comes to treating incontinence, TENA SmartCare™ benefits everyone.

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We support sustainable care

We are always innovating to find better ways to care – for people living with incontinence, but also for the planet. At the TENA Innovation Department, our experts monitor the environmental performance of our products to find sustainable new ways to reduce their environmental impact. Watch our film and find out how TENA innovates to design products that take better care of people and the planet.

A film where Torbjörn Rudmark, Global Brand Innovation Manager at TENA, talks about TENA’s approach to sustainable innovation