The best care solutions

Incontinence issues can make children feel embarrassed and anxious, so as a parent or carer it’s not just about finding a solution to keep them dry, but one that helps them to feel confident, happy and normal.  We created this guide to help you know what’s important to consider when shopping for incontinence products for your child.

Dryness is key

Leaks are often one of the main causes of concern for children, so choosing products with effective absorption is essential to their happiness and confidence. Our TENA range for children features FeelDry™ technology which rapidly draws urine away from the skin, so you can be reassured your child will feel dry and comfortable. 

Find the right product

Having a bladder weakness can make your child feel like they stand out already. So they don’t want to feel like they’re wearing something that highlights the issue. Look for products that provide the right fit for their needs based on their; 
  • Age
  • Size – measurements around the stomach and legs
  • Level of incontinence – how much they leak 
  • Activity – active day-time wear verses a product for night-time and sleeping
This means you don’t necessarily always need to buy the product with the heaviest absorbency, and you may need different products for day and night. As your child gets older, it could be switching between Libero diapers to TENA pants. This can help your child feel a little more grown up in a product that looks and feels more like underwear.
Odour neutralizers are another great feature to help ensure your child feels comfortable and fresh, even after an accident.

Be kind to skin

Skin care is another important area to think about when it comes to incontinence. From wet wipes that effectively clean and moisturise, to replacing soap with gentle cleansers, a healthy skin care routine can help to ensure your child’s skin is free from any unnecessary irritation.
To find out more about products that could benefit your child, visit our TENA skin care range.

Added protection at night

Investing in a mattress protector, like a TENA under pad, can help ease the stress and issue of night-time accidents for everyone. When making your child’s bed, layer up with one sheet, then the mattress protector and then another sheet. You can then quickly change the bedding after an accident when you’re sleepy – just remove the top two damp layers. It’s also a good idea to have a clean set of pyjamas handy.