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Choosing the right sized product makes a big difference

Why it’s important to choose the right size

Some people wrongly assume that a bigger product will have more absorbency. So instead of choosing a product with higher absorbency, they make the mistake of choosing a larger product. But that's a bad idea for two reasons: firstly, the absorbency does not significantly increase just because a product is larger in size; and secondly, or rather more importantly, opting for a larger product than needed will actually increase the chance of leakage because it will be loose fitting. So make sure you choose a product that fits your loved one securely. 

Person measuring the hip of another person using a measuring tape

Take the right measurements

Use a measuring tape to take your loved one's waist and hip measurements. Make sure the measuring tape is snug, to get an accurate reading. 
Once you've got a reading, you can check it against your product of choice. Each product range has slightly different measurements, so make sure to check the right one.
If you’re deciding between sizes, it’s usually better to go for the smaller option. You can find the exact size guide for each product on its own page. Choose the product you’re interested in from our whole range.

Make sure you've got the optimal fit

A product in the right size, and with the right fit, should attach securely and be snug in the groin. We have some demonstrative videos on changing absorbent products so you can see exactly how it’s done. Watch out for these common mistakes below.

Bigger ≠ better

A bigger product is not more absorbent. There's a higher chance of leaking if it's not a snug and secure fit.

Not too bulky

A product that is too large will also feel bulky, impacting your loved one's comfort and personal dignity.

Not too tight

On the other hand, if the fit is too tight, the product will be uncomfortable, and might chafe the skin.

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