Cleansing Wipes & Creams

A good cleansing routine is key to prevent skin irritation. Choose from the wide range of cleansing wet wipes, dry wipes, cloths, cleansers, wash mousse and other cleansing incontinence skin care products. The cleansing products from TENA are a gentle alternative to soap and water. They gently cleanse and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin.

All products are carefully developed for incontinence care, ideal when changing incontinence products or for full body cleansing in bed or in the washroom. Great for frequent cleansing when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin. While absorbing products reduce the skin’s contact with moisture, our skin care assortment takes care of gentle cleansing and skin protection.

TENA cleansing products are especially gentle for fragile skin, but always effective. All wipes are designed and appropriately sized for adults. Find the incontinence cleansing product that is best for your needs and keep the skin fresh, clean and healthy.

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TENA ProSkin Wash Cream

Cleanses, protects and moisturises fragile aging skin

TENA ProSkin Shampoo Cap

Gentle shampoo & conditioner in a disposable cap

TENA ProSkin Shampoo & Shower

Gentle shampoo and shower gel combined for daily use

TENA ProSkin Cellduk

A dry wipe with excellent wet strength

TENA ProSkin Wash Cream - tube

Cleanses, protects and moisturizes fragile aging skin

TENA ProSkin Plastic-Free Wet Wipes | Adult-sized

Large wet wipes made from 100% viscose that cleanse, moisturise, and protect fragile skin

TENA ProSkin Wash Gloves | With Lining

Convenient dry wash glove for daily body cleansing