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  • Gently cleanse, restore and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin – no need to rinse off
  • Ideal for frequent cleansing during continence care routines when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin
  • Suitable for full body cleansing in bed, in the bathroom and in similar settings

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TENA ProSkin Wash Cream

Cleanses, protects and moisturises fragile aging skin

TENA ProSkin Wash Cream - tube

Cleanses, protects and moisturizes fragile aging skin

TENA ProSkin Wet Wipe - plastic lid

Large wet wipes that cleanses, restores and protects fragile skin

TENA Wash Mousse

Cleanses, restores, and protects elderly skin

TENA Shampoo & Shower

Mild & gentle body gel and shampoo for elderly skin and hair

TENA Cellduk

A strong and economical dry wipe

TENA Soft Wipe

A dry wipe with a gentler feel

TENA Wash Glove with Lining

Gentle, convenient and efficient dry glove

TENA Shampoo Cap

A gentle shampoo and conditioner in a disposable cap

TENA Wet Wash Glove – mildly scented

Comfortable and convenient wet wash glove