Libero Newborn 1

Suitable for babies weighing between 2-5 kg. Ideal for your baby’s early days and weeks.

  • Breathable outer material helps to protect delicate skin

  • Super-absorbent core prevents leakage

  • Designed for comfort

Product benefits

Breathable outer material helps to protect delicate skin

Libero has a soft, breathable non-woven outer material that allows air to circulate, keeping the baby’s delicate skin dry and comfortable, minimising irritation. Libero nappies help to keep the baby’s skin healthy. After all, the silkiest, most sensitive skin deserves nothing but the gentlest materials.

Super-absorbent core prevents leakage

All Libero nappies have a super-absorbent core that can provide hours of leakage protection. This high absorption capacity, combined with the nappy’s effective leakage barriers, keep your baby’s skin feeling dry.

Designed for comfort

Libero nappies are made from soft material, gentle against the baby’s skin. The anatomically shaped core enables a close fit between the legs. Whether the baby is sitting-up or lying down, standing or walking, the nappy easily adapts to his or her movements.

Hook-fastening for a comfortable fit

Libero nappies have hook-fastening tabs that are secured to the front of the nappy, which can be opened and closed as many times as necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

Excellent dryness

Libero nappies offer outstanding dryness. A multi-layer protection system quickly draws liquid away from the surface of the skin and into the core of the nappy, minimising redness and helping to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy.

Product facts


2 kg to 5 kg

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 24 pcs