Reusable, Discreet & Protective: The Benefits of Using Washable Incontinence Pants

What are washable incontinence pants?

Washable knickers or briefs act as specialised protective underwear against light incontinence. Designed to be indistinguishable from regular underwear, these incontinence pants differ from pads and other incontinence products in that you can wash and reuse them normally.

Washable incontinence pants are ideal for protection against light , and are a great choice for men and women with stress incontinence. At TENA, we offer washable absorbent underwear for women and washable protective boxers for men too. 

But what exactly are the benefits of reusable hygiene products ? The main pros are:

• Reusability and sustainability

• Discretion

• Protection against little leaks, odour and moisture

Three key benefits of these reusable hygiene products

1. They’re more sustainable 
Washables are a much more eco-friendly option in that you can wash and reuse them just the same as regular underwear. This makes them a great sustainable alternative, as reusing underwear reduces plastic consumption and consumer waste. Read more about our pledge to sustainability here, and take a look at our article with further information on how washables are sustainable  too.
2. They’re discreet, without bulk
One of the main benefits of washable incontinence underwear is that they’re designed with style and discretion in mind. This means you can wear whatever you want without having to worry about bulk or obvious bulges, making them the perfect choice when going out , and for comfort during physical activity. 
3. They’re comfortable to wear at night 
Washables work perfectly as nighttime underwear for people with light incontinence, as they are designed for maximum comfort and minimal hassle. They won’t cause friction or discomfort when you move, allowing you to sleep soundly. 
Designed with discretion, style and comfort in mind, our latest range now offers the best washable incontinence underwear  for both men and women. Explore our new range of TENA Men Washable Protective Briefs, or TENA Silhouette Washable Absorbent Underwear for women in classic and hipster styles.