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TENA Protects Program

For us, positive change starts with improving people’s lives with quality products. But it also means taking responsibility for our impact on the planet. We do this, in line with our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, by focusing on social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

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Social responsibility - improve wellbeing, every day

TENA helps people to live happier, fuller lives. Our high-quality products have already increased hygiene and health standards for millions of users and caregivers. Social responsibility is about caring and daring to act boldly on social issues that others fear to champion.

Our history of social responsibility

A close view of the sensors and logger on the front of TENA SmartCare Identifi absorbent underwear


Evidence-based care via new technological innovation

Launched in 2013, TENA Identifi™ is an innovative solution for care homes, that records a resident's urinary leakage, enabling caregivers to act on in-depth knowledge of leakage patterns. In addition to 62% less leakage1 for residents, it results in 4% fewer incontinence product changes1, and 56 kg less waste per resident per year2
1) Customer results from 210 before-and-after monitoring reports done with TENA Identifi™ in Denmark between June 2013 and June 2015.
2) Results based on 207 users in 25 municipalities Sweden; March 2017
A care professional helps an elderly resident down a hall with her walker.


Partnering with care homes for improved care quality

TENA Solutions is a structured way to improve resident well-being and help reduce environmental impact, in partnership with care homes. According to studies conducted in 2011-13, the programme can reduce time spent on incontinence-related tasks by 44%*, and reduce waste by 31%*.
* Averages based on 85-181 case studies around the world in 2011-2013 – mainly Europe but also USA, Canada and China. Results vary across countries and care homes.
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Our new targets for innovation: People and Nature

As of 2011, at least 33% of new TENA innovations yield social and/or environmental improvements. We’ve improved our resource efficiency and reduced our environmental impact by considering the whole life cycle for new innovations.
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Environmental responsibility – better solutions with lower carbon footprint

At TENA we're continually discovering and innovating, finding new ways to improve people's lives while also improving the environmental footprint of our products. We want to design products and services for a society where less goes to waste and more is recycled and reused, while driving sustainable continence care management. It's all about doing more with less.

Our history of environmental responsibility

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Committing to a cleaner environment: ambitious goals for reduced climate impact

In 2021 the Science Based Targets initiative approved our targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35% for energy and electricity in production, and 18% for key raw materials, transports, and waste – meaning our climate commitment now supported the Paris Agreement.
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TENA purchases certified renewable electricity at all European factories

As of 2020, all TENA factories in Europe run on purchased renewable electricity – certified by external institutes like the European Electricity Certification System (EECS). Making this switch has cut our carbon footprint by 6% and brought us another step closer to our goal of reducing it by 50% in Europe by 2030.
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A challenging new target for sustainable packaging

In 2019, we committed to making our packaging 100% recyclable, using 85% renewable and recycled materials. And we're getting there fast. At the end of 2022 the combined amount of renewable and recycled material in packaging across all Essity brands was 80%.
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A whole new level of transparency for TENA products

An Environmental Product Declaration is an independent verification that shows environmental information about a product, based on its complete life cycle. Becoming compliant with this standard gave a robust basis for making claims about the environmental performance of our products.
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Reducing production waste – new ambitious targets set

On our way to the ultimate goal of zero waste in production, we set a concrete target in 2016: all Essity production facilities will convert all waste generated into useful materials or energy by 2030.
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A challenging CO2 goal: reduce the carbon footprint of TENA products by 50% in Europe

Since 2008 we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our products by 21-43%* – crucial steps on the journey to reach our ambitious goal of 50% in Europe by 2030.
* Results for 2008–2022: TENA Flex -22%, TENA Pads and Liners -43%, TENA Comfort -21%, TENA Men -26%, TENA Pants and Underwear -41%, TENA Slip -32%, TENA Bed -24%