Bladder Weakness: Learn about Weak Bladder Causes and Treatments

Living with Bladder Weakness

There are several reasons why your bladder can become weaker, but aging is one of the most common. can have a major impact on your life, but this doesn’t need to be the case. With the right products and support, it’s possible to take back control. 

Almost 400 million people around the world live with bladder weakness, and it affects both men and women, so you aren’t facing it alone.  

“Incontinence is often a side effect of and ageing, and it is more common than what people might think,” confirmed Lynda, a case study from our Age of Confidence survey. Check out the study for more insights on the body hang-ups that affect many UK women and learn how to regain your confidence.

Let’s talk about leakage

doesn’t have to hold you back from living life on your terms. By learning about bladder weakness causes and choosing products that are tailored to your needs, you can deal with unexpected urine leaks and focus on enjoying life to the fullest. Read on for some helpful advice and tips on how to take back control from .

How to Control Bladder Weakness