Living with bladder weakness

More common than you think

doesn’t have to have a major impact on your life. With the right products and support it’s quite easy to learn to live with it. Almost 400 million people, both men and women around the world live with bladder weakness, so you’re far from alone.  “Incontinence is often a side effect of and ageing, and it is more common than what people might think,” confirmed Lynda, case study from our Age of Confidence survey. Check out our study on the body hang-ups that affect many UK women and learn how to gain your confidence back.  

Let’s talk about leakage

doesn’t have to hold you back from living life exactly the way you want. By getting to know about it and choosing products that are tailored to your needs, unexpected leaks can be dealt with. We need to get together and start increasing awareness about incontinence and start treating it for what it is: a fact-of-life condition for a lot of the population.