How Washables Are a Sustainable Choice for Light Incontinence

Why is it important to live more sustainably?

Being more eco-responsible when it comes to our fashion and lifestyle choices is vital. Sustainable living is all about reducing one’s waste and impact on the environment – it involves making choices that are more beneficial and less damaging to our eco-system, with the aim of protecting and preserving it for generations to come.

What is protective, sustainable underwear?

Sustainable underwear or environmentally-friendly underwear  follows the same principles as other sustainable products and practices in general. Simply put, sustainable products aim to reduce the waste and carbon footprint that go into materials in order to protect the environment.

Introducing TENA's range of reusable incontinence pants

Washable underwear is the latest in our line of sustainable incontinence products . Unlike incontinence pads or liners , they can be washed and reused just like regular underwear. This makes them a great sustainable alternative, as reusing incontinence underwear reduces plastic consumption and consumer waste. 
Washable protective underwear for people with light incontinence aims to protect you and your body, while also being kind to the planet. At TENA, we offer washable absorbent underwear for women and washable protective boxers for men too. 
How is the range sustainable?

TENA Silhouette, our range of washable absorbent underwear for women, has a 50% carbon footprint reduction and produces 75% less consumer waste (weight of packaging and product waste) than typical alternatives*. This is because you can simply wear, wash and reuse, without needing to throw anything away. 
Plus, this range allows for 50 washes at 40°C – which is more energy efficient than washing at higher temperatures. They also come in recyclable packaging. 
Similarly, following from our sustainable knickers  for women, TENA’s brand-new collection of eco-friendly boxers  for men can be washed 100 times at 40°C. With built-in protection for light male , TENA Men Washable Protective Boxer Briefs are available to buy from our online store. You can also find out more about the range as a whole here.
* Compared with TENA liners and pads together with regular underwear. Calculations were made using Life Cycle Assessments – a tool for calculating environmental impact of products or services (read more about LCAs here) In the scenario assessed, two TENA Washable Absorbent Underwear (washed 50 times at 40°), were compared to an equal mix of three disposables with one pair of regular underwear.
Other benefits of washable incontinence underwear
The main benefits of washable incontinence underwear are:
• Reusability and sustainability
• Discretion
• Protection against little leaks, odour and moisture
Our washable ranges for light incontinence are designed to look and feel just like regular underwear. This means you can wear whatever you want without having to worry about obvious bulges or leaks. To find out more about sustainable underwear for incontinence, visit our article on the benefits of washables.   

What are we doing to be more sustainable in general?

Along with our eco-friendly underwear  range, at TENA we’re committed to making sustainable choices and taking responsibility for how our actions impact the planet. We plan to reduce our products’ carbon footprint by 50% in Europe by 2030, and have already taken steps to achieve this. 
By reducing the weight and packaging of our products, we’re also reducing waste and since 2008 we’ve cut our carbon footprint in Europe by 33% for TENA Pants and 16% for all products. 
For more information, visit our product ingredients list.
Find out more about TENA’s sustainability mission, and the steps we’re taking to look after the planet. Or if you’re taking a trip in nature anytime soon, learn how to be respectful to the environment while managing incontinence outdoors