What are incontinence sheets?

sheets offer multi-layered, highly absorbent protection for your bed or other furniture from urinary incontinence. Their versatile design allows you or your relative to place the sheets over a normal bed sheet, while some incontinence sheets feature a supplementary wing element to ensure additional security. 

How to use incontinence sheets

With a mattress, you should simply treat an sheet as another layer over your bed sheet. Make sure the incontinence sheet is placed centrally over your bed sheet – some products have extra pieces of material which wrap round under the mattress to help secure it.
The same applies to any other furniture – try to secure the sheet around the back of a chair or wheelchair for example, so it’s unlikely that it will come loose. 
Although there are washable, reusable versions available, TENA’s incontinence sheets are disposable. This means that if you have experienced a leak during the night, then you should discard it and replace it with a new one. 
This is not only a more hygienic option, but a fresh one-use sheet is also often more absorbent and able to cope better with larger leaks.

What sizes do incontinence sheets come in?

Whether you’re looking at the thinner Hygiene Sheet or the thicker TENA Bed Secure Zone Super, it doesn’t matter – they are available in several different dimensions so your sheet will fit to what you need.
While TENA sheets are ideal for beds, they can also be tailored to your daytime needs whether that’s a cover for a chair in your home, car seats or a wheelchair. 

What’s in my incontinence sheet?

The outer layer of our sheets have a smooth, soft feel and they have been dermatologically tested to ensure your skin feels comfortable.
What’s more, their unique Secure Zone technology not only gives added protection, but also odour reduction meaning your urine leakage will be as discreet as possible whether you’re at home or on the go.
With TENA, you can choose from a wide range of sheets that will suit the needs of you or your loved ones. Check out our full range to find the incontinence sheet that’s right for you on TENA Hygiene Accessories