Getting ready for date night with incontinence

There’s nothing more simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking than getting ready for date night. But when you also have to think about the possibility of dealing with little leaks or incontinence, it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can go through when getting ready for date night to keep those pre-date jitters at bay, and any worries about under control.  

Get organised

First things first, check in with your date to confirm your plans. Ask where you’re meeting and at what time, so you can plan your route and transport if needed. This will also help you work out how long you can spend getting ready without accidentally running late! If you’re feeling anxious about the prospect of getting in the way, then checking ahead to see if the venue has toilet facilities can help you feel calmer. If your date is taking place in an outdoor area like a park, then you can find nearby toilets using The Great British Toilet Map. You could also add in a toilet stop on the way to your date, or try to arrive early so you have time to go to the toilet before your date gets there if needed.

Freshen up

To start preparing, have a refreshing shower and take care of any personal grooming. If you’re short on time, a quick wash and some dry shampoo to zhuzh your hair will do the trick. When dealing with worries about experiencing little leaks, the fear of others smelling urine can affect your confidence. To keep those thoughts at bay, make sure you’re smelling gorgeous from head to toe with a spritz of perfume on areas like your wrists and neck.

Feel comfortable and secure with TENA

When you’re going out to have fun, nothing should stand in your way, especially worries about . You may feel more comfortable and secure by wearing a TENA product. 
To guard against little leaks when your date tells a funny joke, try a discreet liner. You could even wear a pair of TENA Silhouette that look and feel like normal underwear so you can still feel sexy and empowered by your underwear while also being protected. Another option is washable incontinence underwear which are completely indistinguishable from your regular undies! Remember that the more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll feel!

Choose your outfit

Pick an outfit that perfectly fits the occasion. Go glamorous for a sit down dinner, or perhaps choose jeans and your favourite top if a more active date like mini-golf is on the cards. The good news is that TENA is discreet, so there’s no reason to be restricted in how your dress. Select a killer outfit that makes you feel amazing, and don’t worry about the rest.

Quickly tidy

Whether you come home tired ready to get to sleep or end up welcoming your date in for a nightcap, there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a tidy space. If you’ve got ready in a whirlwind, take a moment to put away your makeup, straighten things up. You’ll appreciate it later when you get home.

Stay calm

If you’re feeling a little anxious or jittery before your date, try to make the getting ready process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Put on your favourite upbeat music to dance around to while you do your make-up and hair.

As a treat, having a glass of your favourite tipple could help to calm your nerves. If you’re still feeling nervous, take some big breaths to relax before leaving your house. While you’re taking a few minutes for yourself, why not practise some pelvic floor strengthening exercises at the same time?

Remember the essentials

When you’re completely ready and are looking (and feeling) all glammed up, take time to make sure you have everything you need packed into your favourite bag before walking out of the door! Don’t forget your phone, purse, keys, lipstick, perfume, breath mint and a spare TENA product, just in case. 
Voila! You now have everything you need to get ready for date night, whether you’re going out with a long term partner, out on a first date, or a night out with your best girls! To keep learning, read our guides to bladder weakness and intimacy, because should never stop you from doing what you want to do.