How Can Your Underwear Empower You?

At TENA, we want the women wearing our underwear to not only feel secure, but also sexy when getting dressed to face the world every day.

Our Silhouette Noir range is a perfect example of this – helping women to tackle while wearing underwear which would not look out of place on the catwalk. And that’s why we revealed the range on our very own runway, showcasing a diverse set of models when launching the product on the billboards of Oxford Street

To coincide with the launch, we also talked to Dr Aurore Bardey, course leader for Psychology of Fashion at London College of Fashion to discuss the psychological impact of your underwear. Just how important a role does it play in shaping your everyday psyche? Aurore tells us all…

Your body language will be different…

When getting up in the morning and choosing your outfit, your underwear will often be the first thing you pick up. But what can sometimes be a snap decision can also act as a key moment for the day ahead of you. 

According to Aurore, it can have an inward and outward effect: “Wearing a certain type of underwear can boost your mood, your confidence and your self-esteem. As a result, your body language will be different – you will behave more confidently and be more confident.”

Wearing such underwear will empower women…

Of course, for women with , underwear is particularly important as it helps them to feel confident in spite of leaks which may happen when at home, at work or out on the go.

But how does having the choice to select products like Silhouette Noir help women? “Wearing such underwear will empower women. They won’t be women with incontinence; they will be women wearing normal underwear – just like any “other” woman.”

Aurore was keen to point out that the release of such a stylish product has the power to show women who may otherwise be embarrassed of incontinence to feel that it is normal. She told us that, “This fashionable incontinence underwear and brand name will help women to see incontinence as less of a taboo. Whether you’re in a changing room at the gym or stood in front on your partner just in your underwear, it will help women to feel more positive about themselves.”

The psychology behind easily choosing matching underwear is also something that is not to be underestimated according to Aurore, “I do think that the mood of women as well as their self-assurance will be boosted by wearing matching underwear.”

The women look happy and empowered…

Tena Silhouette Hero Banner

Considering her vast fashion expertise, we were also keen to get Aurore’s opinion on some of our unique catwalk shots, and we’re delighted to say that she was impressed with our efforts.

“I think the shot is brilliant for many reasons. It’s inclusive and positively portrays more mature women, which is rare in the fashion world. The women look happy and empowered, which is how women should feel when wearing such underwear.”

And what were her views on that illuminating stat? “It will attract people’s attention – these words nicely break the taboo of .”

So there you have it, underwear is as important for the mind as it is for the body. If you would like to get your hands on our Silhouette Noir range, then you can order a sample pack below.