What are incontinence pads?

pads are absorbent pads that help people manage incontinence (difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels).  They come in a few different forms, but the most popular ones are pads that are attached to underwear and incontinence pants that act as replacement underwear.

How do incontinence pads work?

pads work in the same way as other absorbent items like nappies.  They’re designed to draw moisture away from the body and hold onto it, stopping moisture from leaking out. 

How often should they be changed?

pads should generally be changed every 3-4 hours so that skin stays fresh. Heavier pads have a “wetness indicator” that shows if they need changing sooner – and larger night time incontinence pads can be worn for longer.

What are the different types?

Different types of pads include heavier or lighter absorbancies, male or female designs, and even swimwear.  You can get both disposable ones (which can be thrown away, never flushed) and reusable incontinence pads (which are washable), and you can get them for free if they’re prescribed by a doctor for certain conditions. 
Other products include protective covers for beds and chairs, specially designed clothing (like trousers and dresses), and skincare products to help keep skin healthy.