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TENA products for men

TENA offers a wide range of discreet, absorbent and comfortable products specifically engineered for men. TENA Men is designed to help you stay in control of urine leakage.

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Male Shields & Protectors

  • Light to super absorbency control, specially designed for men
  • Fits securely and discreetly in your underwear
  • Odour control system helps prevent unwanted odours

TENA Men Protective Shield

Extra Light absorbency control for security against drips and dribbles.

Male pants

  • Secure Absorption Zone with absorbent core positioned upfront to lock in leaks effectively
  • Masculine style and underwear design with a discreet and secure fit
  • Odour control for extra confidence

TENA Men Active Fit Pants

Pants designed for men, with protection where men need it most

TENA Men Premium Fit Level 4 Pants

Premium protection designed like regular underwear


  • Close body fit for security and confidence, whatever your lifestyle
  • These high-performance products are as easy to put on as underwear
  • TENA Pants are available in a range of absorbency levels

TENA Pants Plus

Designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness

TENA Pants Super

Designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness

TENA Pants Maxi

Designed for heavy bladder weakness

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