What is a Bladder Diary?

A bladder diary is a record of how often you have gone to the toilet and how much you have urinated, along with what fluids you have been drinking as well as how much of them you have consumed. A doctor or nurse will ask you to complete one to determine whether you have urinary or if you are experiencing a different issue.

How to fill in your bladder diary

A bladder diary doesn’t need to be a chore – it should simply be a matter of totting up your trips to the toilet along with how much urine is being passed and jotting down what you have been drinking (and how often) on a piece of paper at the end of the day. Or if you prefer, make a note of your activities as you go on your phone. 
We would recommend doing this for three days to get the best picture of what is happening, but do confirm this with your doctor or nurse 
Try not to overthink about what you should be drinking – just treat it as a normal day. And remember, even though you won’t be asked to take note of this, certain foods such as soup could be classed as liquids so this will contribute to how often you’re heading to the toilet.

What is the goal of completing a bladder diary?

The point of keeping the diary is to give you and your doctor the best possible chance of discovering whether you have urinary , an overactive bladder (OAB) or a completely different issue. 
Frequent toilet visits could have a simple explanation such as consuming too much caffeine, or drinking too many (or too few) liquids could create a feeling of urgency in your bladder. 
An inaccurate diary entry may result in an incorrect diagnosis so it’s really important that you keep your fluids business as usual!
If your doctor or nurse decides that you have urinary incontinence or an OAB, please find articles on both topics below. From there, you can understand whether you need to use TENA products, and which ones would be right for you.