TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus | Incontinence bed pads 60 x 75 cm

The soft TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus is a reliable incontinence bed protection. When experiencing accidental urine loss or bed wetting, it protects mattresses, chairs, sofas or wheelchairs. The surface will remain dry thanks to the absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet, offering leakage security. The Secure Zone Pattern absorbs liquid into different sections and the Super-Absorbent Micro Beads locks it in. The adult-sized bed protection has been dermatologically tested to feel comfortable while sitting down or resting. TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus is available in a range of different sizes to fit varying needs.

  • Micro Beads
  • Extra protection
  • Absorbent core

Product benefits

TENA incontinence bed pads

Micro Beads

Super-absorbent Micro Beads lock away liquids for effective leakage security.
TENA incontinence bed pads

Extra protection

Provides extra protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss and during hygiene procedures.
TENA incontinence bed pads

Absorbent core

Absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet.
TENA incontinence bed pads

Offers easy and quick product identification

Colour coded and printed back-sheet offers easy identification of absorption level and size

Dermatologically tested

Soft surface material which is gentle to the skin.

Product facts

Available in lengths:

Length: 60 cm

Available in widths:

Width: 75 cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 25 pcs
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Medical Device

Medical Device

Only single use

Only single use

Address of the Manufacturer

Address of the Manufacturer

Essity Hygiene and Health AB, SE-405 03 Göteborg, Sweden

Visitor's address

Visitor's Address

Mölndals Bro 2, Mölndal, Sweden

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