We invited mums to our exclusive V.I.Pee party to learn about the importance of wearing the right products so you’re protected against any little leaks.

When it’s party season, mums want an opportunity to let loose (but not of their bladders). This is a time for dancing, laughing and having an amazing night out with your friends, not worrying about whether a little leak might spoil your sparkly outfit. 

We invited mums to our exclusive V.I.Pee party hosted by Lights by TENA & Mums That Rave to learn about the importance of wearing the right products that are purpose-made to give the level of protection you need so you can dance the night away worry-free!

Panel hosted by Mums That Rave

A panel hosted by Mums That Rave duo DJ Nikki Beatnik and fashion stylist-cum-blogger Yvadney Davis covered everything motherhood from the mental and physical changes mums go through, struggles with identity and importantly, what women can do to help their pelvic floor.

On the panel were also many marvellous mums and women including actress and singer Lisa Moorish, pelvic expert and women’s health physio Claire Bourne, founder of Bumps & Burpees Charlie Launder as well as filmmaker and historian Fiona Compton.

Whether it’s wearing red lipstick on the school run, or touring as a DJ while being 9 months pregnant, the panel all agreed that it’s sometimes difficult not to lose your identity when you become a mum. Fiona talked about the importance of intentionally making the effort:

“A lot of the time I can’t do it, I can’t go out to every event, I can’t go to everything and enjoy myself as people who don’t have kids do. But when I do I really try to make the effort to be the sexy me, the glamorous me, and do these things for myself. I think it makes me be a better mum too.”

Nikki agreed about the importance of looking after yourself both physically and mentally post-partum: “I think there are changes and you have to look after yourself. Everyone talks about self-care but it’s a real thing – especially when you’re a mum. You have to find time to continually do it.”

The importance of the pelvic floor

It wouldn’t be a V.I.Pee event without mentioning the pelvic floor! With experience empowering women through exercise both during pregnancy and after, Charlie talked about the link between physical and mental confidence, and the importance of talking about pelvic floor issues:

“I really hope that this is going to pass through the generations and it isn’t going to be embarrassing to talk about. Because 50% of the population are going to go through something like this so I think if we can just talk about it and not be embarrassed, that is step one.”

Using her years of experience as a physio helping women with their pelvic floor, Claire explained about the connection between this area and the bladder:

“The bladder is incredibly habitual and it has a relationship with the brain and a relationship with the pelvic floor. I think bladder weakness as a term is actually slightly misleading because often the bladder is incredibly strong and controlling – it’s the pelvic floor that has the weakness.”

Why using purpose-made products can help

Claire also talked about what women can do alongside seeking help and doing pelvic floor exercises to feel confident, which is to use the right, purpose-made products to help with incontinence: “ultimately I want a women to feel confident, I don’t want her to go out and feel like I can only wear black because that’s the only thing that’s not going to show my leakage.”

“I think pads give women a lot of confidence when they’re going out and they haven’t got that help. The sad thing for me is when that becomes the end of a women’s journey and isn’t when we say to that women…this is going to get you through this transition but you need specific help.”

Message received loud and clear! Event attendee Victoria (also known online as Crafty Fox) took away this top tip: “don't feel afraid or embarrassed to go out and enjoy yourself because you're worried you'll leak. If you're wearing a purpose-made pad, like Lights By TENA, you can guarantee you will stay dry and feeling fresh! An ordinary panty liner or sanitary towel is not designed to contain urine and will not do the job.”

Scummy Mummies lead pelvic floor dance routine

Dressed in gold sequinned cat suits, Ellie and Helen who make up comedy duo, the Scummy Mummies, led a pelvic floor workout and encouraged everyone to join in. There was thrusting, squatting and squeezing to the tune of ‘Let’s Get Physical’.

The Scummy Mummies praised pelvic floor exercises, saying “it was interesting to learn about the connection between your brain and your downstairs. Who knew you can reduce the urge to wee just by clenching those muscles for 10 seconds? They should be teaching this in schools.”

“Let's be honest, it's hard to enjoy the festive fun when you're feeling a bit leaky. So do those pelvic floor exercises, and if you want to be on the safe side, panty liners are a great help.” 

Especially during party season, it’s more important than ever to go out feeling confident and protected against little leaks: “In an ideal world, we wouldn't need panty liners – but also in an ideal world, all babies would sleep through the night and cheese would make you thin. So it's good to know there are products out there that can help you out when you need a bit of extra protection.”

Wanting to reassure others that there’s no shame in using products to manage bladder weakness, they said: “Just give it a go. These days the products are much better designed and more effective than ever. So try ‘em out, so you can go forth into the world and sneeze with confidence.”

If you’re feeling inspired to take part (sequined or otherwise), why not try our guide to pelvic floor exercises for women or learn more by checking out our page on little leaks in pregnancy and after birth.