How to Find Your Pelvic Floor

It’s all very well to understand how can help to improve your bladder control and , but you also need to learn how to practise these exercises effectively before you’re able to enjoy the results. 

Amanda Savage, a pelvic floor physiotherapist has specifically chosen exercises that focus on strengthening your pelvic floor to help control your bladder in everyday life.

Start with good posture

Having good posture reaps thousands of benefits – one of them being that it can help you locate your pelvic floor! 
In order to start with good posture, let your weight drift forward onto your big and baby toe, and then back onto your heels. Then, after drifting back and forth a few times, you should be able to settle your weight evenly between your feet. After you have found this middle balance, let the floor push you taller, right up through your calves.
Et voila! You have now mastered the perfect posture for starting your pelvic floor exercise journey.

Engaging your

A common misconception is that people tend to think that the pelvic floor muscles are found in the area below the belly button where they can feel that their bladder is when it’s full, but this is wrong! Those muscles are actually your abdominal muscles.
To get your pelvic floor tightened up, you have to think about the area underneath and try and stop where a wee would come out. 
Finding the back part of your pelvic floor

Now, what many people don’t realise is that your pelvic floor actually has a front and back part. So to properly ace those pelvic floor exercises, you’re going to need to learn how to use both the front and back part of your pelvic floor muscles. 
Amanda says that even though many people just assume that the point of the back passage is for wind or bowel control, “when you tighten at the back there, that’s a big part of the pelvic floor too”. 
All in all, you should be looking to tighten at the back, lift and squeeze at the front, have your tummy come in a bit at the front for support, and then let them both go.
Feeling confident that you’ve now learnt how to find your pelvic floor? Want to find out more? Head over to our page with more videos and demonstrations of how to practise pelvic floor exercises .