Pelvic Floor Squats and Stretches

We know that something which can catch people out is when they have a little leak when standing up or sitting down. This is because the position of the bladder (in the lower tummy area), means that it can be easily squashed when your body moves to go up or down.

So if you are finding this movement tricky, then here are a few exercises from pelvic floor physiotherapist Amanda Savage to help support you, and most importantly your bladder! 


Pelvic floor chair squats

This purposefully slow and controlled way of getting up and down from a chair will help to engage your and stop the bladder from leaking. 
For these pelvic floor chair squats, you will need to sit on the edge of your chair. First breathe in and then as you breathe out, hold onto your pelvic floor and tummy muscles, whilst coming forward to stand up. Then continue holding on the way down, until you have to let go as you get close to the chair.
This is definitely an exercise that needs practice, but it will become something automatic very quickly. Plus you should find that you move with a little more control now!

Pelvic floor stretches

It may not have occurred to you, but your pelvic floor muscles need stretching, just like with any other muscle in your body – especially after you have been working them! If your pelvic floor muscles don’t get stretched, they can become shorter and tighter, making it difficult for them to work properly. 
So while we still want nice posture when sitting in a chair, we must be careful not to constantly grip onto our pelvic floor muscles. 
How can I stretch my pelvic floor muscles?

Pelvic floor muscles are connected to the leg muscles, so if you widely open your legs when on a chair and bend the top half of your body towards the floor, you should be able to feel a nice stretch. Or you can also stretch one leg at a time by propping it up onto a chair and gently leaning forward. 
Deep squat stretches

If you are a stretchy person and have good knees, then why not let your body hang in a low sumo squat? You should be able to feel a good solid stretch on the inside of and underneath your thighs.
Now go and give your pelvic floor muscles a relaxing stretch and show them all the love and care they deserve! For more and top tips, check out our other useful video demonstrations .