Benefits of lights by TENA

Fresh and clean feeling all day long

Little leaks happen and shouldn’t be a big deal at all. lights by TENA liners lock in moisture and control odour so that you can feel fresh throughout the day and live your life with a carefree attitude.
With plenty of things going on in your life, the last thing you want to worry about is not feeling fresh due to a few little leaks here and there. FeelFresh TechnologyTM in liners from lights by TENA enables you to go about your day as usual, feeling fresh from morning ‘til night – regardless of those Oooops moments.

Locked away securely and quickly

Keep doing the things you love – without being interrupted. lights by TENA liners are designed to absorb leaks so quickly that you won’t even notice them.
lights by TENA liners have something that regular liners lack: FeelFresh TechnologyTM. The super absorbent polymers have the ability to absorb leaks surprisingly quickly.  It can capture the moisture and odour in the core of the liner much more effectively than liners used for periods. 

Different fluids need different liners

Wear what you want, do what you like. lights by TENA liners have a quick dry topsheet so the liquid is absorbed smoothly in the liners so you stay dry and fresh. Yet they are 3 millimetres thin.
Urine and menstrual blood are two very different fluids and your regular liners won’t work as well with leaks. 5 in 1 Freshness offers fast absorption, dryness, security, breathability and odour control.