Not your ordinary liner

Specifically designed to lock in urine.

There are liners and then there are liners. When you experience little urine leaks for the first time, grabbing for the sanitary pads already in your bathroom cabinet might seem like the obvious solution. But did you know that there are specially designed liners for urine leakage that are actually better equipped for handling little leaks? That gives you much better protection in case of those Oooops moments? The FeelFresh TechnologyTM in lights by TENA liners effortlessly makes them lock in moisture and odour much quicker than sanitary protection.  

Fast absorption

No more worrying about Oooops moments during your yoga class or when jogging. lights by TENA’s FeelFresh TechnologyTM quickly absorbs and distributes urine, locking it away at the core of the liners – leaving you feeling as dry and fresh. What’s more, the core makes the liners soft and flexible, so they’re completely comfortable.

Locks away moisture and odour

Do you want to know a secret? The reason why lights by TENA will keep you fresh is thanks to the gel balls in the core. When the urine hits the gel in the panty liner it expands and turns into small gel balls with the moisture trapped inside. This means that once the urine has been absorbed, it cannot escape from the liner. So, you feel confident, dry and fresh all day.