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Prostate Facts with Professor Ralph Peeker

While the prostate and incontinence ‘isn’t the sexiest of cocktail party topics,’ it’s important to know how one impacts the other. To clear up any confusion on the issue, we sat down with Ralph Peeker, Professor and Chief Physician at the Department of Urology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg.

How TENA Men and Durham CCC aim to bowl out urine leakage

At TENA Men, our message is clear – take control of your urine leakage. We understand that leakage can sometimes seem like an unbeatable force though, and unfortunately it can often stop you doing the activities you love the most – like sport.

Talking Urine Leakage with Phil Tufnell

As part of their cricket partnership with Durham CCC, TENA Men teamed up with former England bowler and now TV star, Phil Tufnell to boost awareness of urine leakage. Even though he isn’t affected by the condition, Tuffers was keen to talk about how it can impact men when we batted our questions to him, but also what to do if you’re worried about getting caught short at the crease.

Male incontinence - An introduction

One in every four men over 40 years old* deals with urine leakage, also known as incontinence. The best way to find a solution is to learn more about the causes and types of male incontinence.

Top 10 Incontinence Myths

In this era of false news there’s also plenty of false information out there around the subject of male incontinence. We’ve asked our experts to take aim at 10 of the biggest misconceptions that might be stopping you from fully enjoying your life. Let’s bust a few myths together.

Going out with urine leakage

Many men who experience urine leakage worry about joining in on social activities. The fear of urine leakage can be an obstacle, but with a proper game plan you can keep protected from leakage and stay confident.

Frequent urination in men

Frequent urination is defined as an increased need to go to the toilet – it’s a common problem, especially for men over 50.

Staying active with urine leakage

There are many ways to stay in control and continue to live life the way you want to, regardless of what type of urine leakage you're dealing with.

How to talk about urine leakage

For a lot of men, talking about personal issues like urine leakage can feel uncomfortable, but the key to finding a solution is an honest and frank dialogue with both your doctor and your loved ones.