Washable incontinence underwear for men

These protective boxers look and feel just like regular underwear, with an additional special feature – they absorb drips and dribbles from light urine leakage!
Urine leakage happens a lot , even among younger men. It’s not at all uncommon to be sure you’re finished peeing, just to feel a dribble as soon as you’ve pulled your pants up. In fact, almost all men will experience this at times. Not only does it feel unpleasant, but it can affect your confidence and even lead to worries about smell.

With TENA’s washable incontinence underwear for men,  you can take back control, wear the clothes you want and never worry about urine dribbles. Why not dust off those favourite trousers again?

Designed to be indistinguishable from your regular underwear, these men’s incontinence pants are made with high-quality fabrics for security and comfort. They are also machine washable, so you can clean them alongside the rest of your laundry at 40°C, and they’ll be ready for use, again and again maximising their value.

Made from soft cotton, this underwear is designed to deliver a sleek, masculine and comfortable fit in a range of sizes and colours. Choose everyday protection against male urine leakage, without compromising on comfort, style or - most importantly -, confidence.

Reusable incontinence boxers for men

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