A golfers checklist: 6 Tips for managing bladder weakness while playing golf


Whether you have been playing for years or been inspired by the Ryder cup more recently, male urine leakage shouldn’t need to affect your game or keep you from staying focused on the course.  

Here are some simple tips to help greatly improve your quality of life and help you continue your everyday activities with confidence. 

1. Do your homework & plan ahead

If you want to get a better understanding of your bladder patterns, start a bladder diary. For two to three days, record your food and drink intake and record the times when you use the bathroom or experience leaks.  

This will help you understand your body better and prepare you for the day you’re out on the course. For example, if you notice that around 11am you usually go to the bathroom after your morning coffee, then you might want to visit the restroom around that time or make sure you’re near a bathroom. 


2. Exercise

Exercises that lift the chest, lengthen the spine, and reduce bladder pressure are helpful for overall bladder health. Some of these exercises include: swimming, yoga and bicycling. Many of these exercises can also benefit your form while playing golf as they help with posture.  

For many, pelvic floor exercises for men can help when it comes to urine leakage, so make sure you keep up those clenching exercises. Especially since you can do them both at work, at home and even in between holes on the course. While everyone is different, if you exercise your pelvic floor every day, you should start to see a little difference after three months.  

3. Go before you go

Emptying your bladder before any planned activity can help set your mind at ease. Nerves and anxiety can trigger symptoms. If you’re well prepared and can relax, it can help you control symptoms better, so you can concentrate on enjoying your game ahead.  

4. Bring an extra change of clothes

In case an accident happens, pack a small bag with an extra pair of underwear, shorts, or trousers. Bring disposal bags to contain odours from soiled clothes.  

5. Stay hydrated

Contrary to popular belief, drinking water regularly can help you with overall bladder health. Don’t make the mistake of restricting fluid intake. If you don’t drink enough water, you only will you feel dehydrated, your urine can also become overly concentrated which can result in bladder irritation. Drink little, but often - this is especially important if it’s a hot day on the golf course. 

6. Wear the right incontinence products

What happens when you have leakage but you’re in the middle of an 18-hole game? You’ll want the most dependable, absorbent, discreet products that are designed for men, so you can swing without worry. 

TENA Men incontinence products are engineered for men’s bodies.  Such as, absorbent protectors that discreetly fit into your underwear, washable underwear for men, as well as our higher absorbent men’s underwear, that are made for men with an active lifestyle.  

Don’t let keep you from enjoying your active life and playing your best. By understanding how to minimise the impact of incontinence and learning how you can prevent visible leaks by using the right products, the easier it will be to focus on your game and your golf buddies.