Urine leaks. . Sudden urges to pee. Dribbles. It’s a fact that urine leakage is experienced by one in four men over the age of forty - many of whom feel that they lose the ability to be spontaneous and that their sex life, masculinity and even their sleep patterns are affected. So why is it then, that only 5% of them use a protective product and the vast majority choose to try to deal with it without help?

Well, when we say ‘suffer in silence’ there is actually more to it than that. Many men develop their own, homemade solutions for urine . Bundles of toilet paper or tissue. Wads of kitchen roll. Some even wear extra thick underwear. These solutions may be OK for a time – but unfortunately it’s a very short time! Before long, homemade protection begins to be troublesome. It doesn’t sit in place. It doesn’t absorb effectively. It doesn’t prevent odours. It’s bulky and indiscreet. We could go on, but when you’re in the middle of that important meeting, between courses at the restaurant or just about to hit the first tee at the golf course, sooner rather than later, you’ll be reminded that your improvised creation is not doing the job for which it was so lovingly created. 
So what to do? Well, you could carry on with your homemade solutions - or you could use TENA Men products that are specially designed to help you keep control and deal with urine leaks. It goes without saying that a purpose-made urine leakage protector does pretty much everything your homemade solution doesn’t. 
  1. Sits securely - TENA Men products are designed to sit securely in place in your underwear - no shifting and no comic attempts at readjustment. So straight away, you’re spared embarrassing moments in public!

  2. Super absorbent - when your toilet paper solution that looked so impressive in the morning is leaking at the side by ten o clock and you’re trying your best to ignore it, think about this – a purpose made product is designed to fit comfortably and lock in moisture and urine leaks, keeping you dry and confident for longer.

  3. Locks in odours – another benefit of our product’s super absorbent capacity is their ability to reduce odours. By doing so, it means you don’t have to worry about unpleasant smells in sensitive social or work situations.

  4. Thin and discreet – homemade incontinence solutions tend to be created with one characteristic in mind – the thicker it is, the better it is. This is not true. Purpose made products are designed to be slim and discreet without losing the ability to absorb fluid much more effectively than any type of toilet paper or tissue. Their thin design also makes them more comfortable. You might even forget it’s there - something that’s hard to do when you have a wad of toilet paper in your underwear.
So there you have it. Choose TENA Men and say goodbye to homemade solutions – you’ll be joining millions of men the world over who have taken control and live more fulfilling lives, untroubled by urinary incontinence. 

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