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Incontinence pads for men

TENA's incontinence pads for men offer secure protection against drops and dribbles up to large urine leaks and surges. TENA Men pads have discreet design and are equipped with super absorption upfront where men need it most.

The range of incontinence pads for men come in different shapes, sizes and absorbency levels so you can find the best product for your needs. They are easy to use in your regular underwear.

No matter which incontinence product you choose, you’ll enjoy discreet, comfortable and effective everyday protection against male urine leakage. Stay as active as you want with these protective pads made especially for guys.

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Incontinence pants for men

TENA's incontinence pants for men have a masculine style and secure fit for reliable protection that is discreet and comfortable. The Secure Absorption Zone is positioned upfront where men need it most to effectively lock in leaks and odour. Designed to look just like regular boxer briefs, our incontinence pants for men come in different absorption levels, colors, styles and sizes so you can find the best product for your needs. No matter which incontinence pants you choose, you’ll enjoy discreet, comfortable and secure everyday protection against male urine leakage. Keep control and stay as active as you want with TENA bladder weakness pants made especially for guys.

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Washable incontinence underwear for men

These protective boxers look and feel just like regular underwear, with an additional special feature – they absorb drips and dribbles from light urine leakage!

Urine leakage happens a lot , even among younger men. It’s not at all uncommon to be sure you’re finished peeing, just to feel a dribble as soon as you’ve pulled your pants up. In fact, almost all men will experience this at times. Not only does it feel unpleasant, but it can affect your confidence and even lead to worries about smell.

With TENA’s washable incontinence underwear for men, you can take back control, wear the clothes you want and never worry about urine dribbles. Why not dust off those favourite trousers again?

Designed to be indistinguishable from your regular underwear, these men’s incontinence pants are made with high-quality fabrics for security and comfort. They are also machine washable, so you can clean them alongside the rest of your laundry at 40°C, and they’ll be ready for use, again and again maximising their value.

Made from soft cotton, this underwear is designed to deliver a sleek, masculine and comfortable fit in a range of sizes and colours. Choose everyday protection against male urine leakage, without compromising on comfort, style or - most importantly -, confidence.

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Incontinence Pants

TENA’s range of disposable incontinence pants are soft and comfortable for both men and women, great for day and night. Designed to be worn like regular, stretchy underwear for an active everyday life. The adult incontinence pull-up pants come in a wide range of sizes to fit any body shape and level of urine leakage – so you can find the best product for your needs. Unlike standard adult diapers, TENA disposable incontinence pants have advanced moisture-reducing technologies to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control. Made from soft and breathable materials, TENA’s unisex incontinence pants have a comfortable body-close fit for leakage security, skin health and freedom of movement.

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TENA Pants Plus | Incontinence pants

Designed for medium to heavy bladder leakage

TENA Pants Night Plus XL | Incontinence pants

Designed for heavy bladder leakage, with extra security for night-time wear

TENA ProSkin Pants Night | Incontinence pants

Designed for night time use with lie down protection