We’re back in black

On April 23, TENA took over the billboards of Oxford Street in London to launch our new Silhouette Noir range. Our plan was to reveal a secret that not many people know about: the fact that 1 in 3 women have . It’s a secret that no-one should feel ashamed about and one that should never hold anyone back. 

Shoppers saw a range of models from our very own Silhouette Noir catwalk. These women are not the usual fashion stereotypes but representative of all those who have to deal with incontinence. Despite their diversity, they share the desire to be able to choose underwear that made them feel feminine. A right to say that “I will be me”. 

Our intention is to raise awareness of the issues around incontinence and signal to women everywhere that they now have even more choice when it comes to selecting underwear. In fact, we believe that our Silhouette Noir range is something of a revolution when it comes to feeling secure, feminine, stylish and sensual.  

Ready for a close up?

Tena Silhouette Noir Single Angel

Our launch campaign aimed to challenge the common misconception that women with struggle to feel ‘sensual’ and are unable to wear matching underwear. TENA re-imagined the Victoria’s Secret catwalk image featuring age 40+ modes wearing the Silhouette Noir all black pant.  They were seen on billboards and digital screens in major London locations. The photoshoot was a glam and fun event for everyone involved. Join our models as they show off the new Silhouette Noir range and find out what they have to say about its comfort, fit and style.  

Beautifully discreet

What makes our new product ground breaking is that it’s black on both the inside and outside thanks to our TRU Colour technology. That means you can match the underwear you really want to wear and feel stylish and feminine when you look in the mirror.  

Silhouette Noir offers the genuine style and confidence that comes from TENA’s famous triple protection, that helps you stay fresh and feminine. It means for the first the first time you can actually wear what you want. Invisible under dark clothes, Silhouette Noir provides incredible discretion combined with an elegant look and a soft stretch fit. 

Discover the secret for yourself. 

And if you’re interested in how your underwear can empower you, check out our interview with fashion psychologist, Dr Aurore Bardey.

Get the secret

Buy your Silhouette Noir underwear online direct from TENA or request a free sample. Then discover for yourself how you can enjoy the freedom to choose underwear that makes you feel truly feminine.